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     Our mission is to provide the highest standard of innovative structural consulting services for our clients while promoting the growth and development of our employees. We strive to make a meaningful contribution to the profession of structural engineering and benefit the community by creating landmarks that fit our client’s needs.


  • Quality: We pride ourselves in the quality, clearness and accuracy of all our services. Standard settings, layers of checking, and peer reviews are some of the tools used to ensure the highest quality is achieved.

  • Communication: A successful project requires effective internal and external communication with all team members. We strive to share the goals, concerns, and changes that may come up throughout the course of the project to avoid costly mistakes and untimely delays.

  • Growth and Development: The continuous growth and development of our staff is the key to the success and longevity of the company. Continuous education and practical training is an ongoing process for all employees.

  • Integrity: We maintain a moral code rooted in honesty, fairness, a sense of community, and environmental awareness. It is our privilege and obligation to create a meaningful contribution to our industry and community.